• 1. Overview
    We take your privacy seriously and do not want to violate your trust. We pledge to protect the security and privacy of any personal information that customers, visitors, employees, or applicants provide to us.

    2. Scope

    This Privacy Policy applies to Intralox, L.L.C., including its subsidiaries, and parent company, Laitram, L.L.C.

    3. Safe Harbor Compliance
    We self-certify compliance with
      Safe Harbor Logo

    Intralox complies with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information from European Union member countries and Switzerland. Intralox has certified that it adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement with respect to transfers of personal information from the European Union or Switzerland to the United States in any form, including electronic, paper, or verbal. For more information about Safe Harbor or to access Intralox’s certification statement, go to www.export.gov/safeharbor/.

    i. Notice of Types of Personal Information We Collect and How We Collect It
    This policy covers personal information that Intralox collects through your use of Intralox web sites and in connection with off-line communications.  Personal information includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and any other information that can be linked to an individual.  Personal information does not include information that is encoded, anonymized, aggregated, or publicly available information that has not been combined with non-public personal information.

    Intralox may collect certain personal information from customers, visitors, employees, and applicants for employment.

    Customers and Visitors:  Intralox information is readily available without registration. However, if you have questions for an Intralox representative or request a quote, we request your contact information.  The main purpose of this request is to enable us to respond directly to your inquiry.  We may also use this contact information to analyze just who is visiting our web site and how it is being used. This enables us to respond more effectively to potential customers.

    When you place a telephone order with one of our Customer Service representatives, we may ask for your e-mail address. This will allow us to send you informational services. When you place an order with Customer Service, we will ask you if you would prefer telephone or e-mail order processing services (electronic quotes, purchase order confirmations, and shipping notifications via e-mail). We may contact you by e-mail to introduce ourselves and to ask if we may be of assistance. And, unless you unsubscribe, we may send you electronic newsletters, industry updates, product and application updates, invitations to trade shows, invitations to participate in customer surveys, and special Intralox promotions and offers.

    Employees and Applicants:  Intralox collects the personal information of its employees and applicants (Human Resources data) in connection with the administration of its Human Resources programs and functions.  These programs and functions include: determining, evaluating, and implementing employment-related actions and obligations; designing, evaluating, and administering compensation, benefits, and other human resources programs; designing, evaluating, and implementing employment-related education and training programs; monitoring and evaluating employee conduct and performance; maintaining plant and employee security, and health and safety; and  other employment related purposes.  Applicants can submit a resume to apply for a specific employment position posted on our Careers Center. By submitting your resume to the Human Resources Department of Laitram, L.L.C., Intralox’s parent company, you agree that we may use it for recruiting purposes. We will not share your resume with others for any purpose. We will retain the private information in your resume for two years. If you want to update or change your resume, you may submit the new resume if the job positing is still listed.  If you would like to have your resume/CV removed from our files, please go to the Careers Center on our website and click on Remove My Resume/CV and submit the required information. If you would like to apply for another position, you should resubmit a new resume referencing the other position.

    Sensitive information (e.g. medical or health condition) will not be requested or received from our web sites.  Intralox may receive sensitive information such as medical or health information and ethnic data regarding its employees in connection with the administration of its health and welfare benefit plans, or as part of government mandated recordkeeping requirements.  This information will not be shared with third parties without the employee’s affirmative approval or as permitted by applicable law. In addition, sensitive information that has not been made public by an affected employee will not be used for a purpose other than its original purpose without the employee's approval unless reasonably necessary for Intralox to meet a legal obligation or to establish a legal claim or defense.

    ii. Choice
    Intralox does not require customers or non-employee/applicant visitors to its web site to provide Intralox with personal information.  The decision to provide personal information is yours.  If you do not wish to provide the personal information requested, however, you may not be permitted to proceed with the activity or receive the benefit for which the personal information is requested.

    Intralox employees and applicants for employment are required to provide Intralox with personal information as a condition of employment or for applying for employment with Intralox.  This information is used by Intralox and may be shared with third party administrators or agents in connection with Intralox’s administration of its Human Resources programs and functions consistent with the terms of this Privacy Policy and applicable law

    If the company intends to use personal information submitted by individuals for reasons that are not consistent with the above, the affected individual will be given the opportunity to opt-out of that use or transfer.

    iii. Onward Transfer
    Intralox does not transfer the personal information of customers or visitors to third parties.  However, Human Resources data may be transferred to third party vendors or administrators for the exclusive purpose of enabling the vendor or administrator to provide service and/or support to Intralox in connection with Human Resources programs and functions.  Personal information concerning Intralox employees and applicants is not shared with third parties for non-employment related purposes, unless disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary to comply with any applicable law, legal process, or enforceable governmental inquiry.

    iv. Data Security
    Intralox will take reasonable measures to provide personal information with reasonable protection from accidental loss or destruction, improper use, alteration, or disclosure.

    v. Data Integrity
    Intralox will use personal information only in ways that are compatible with the purposes for which it was collected or subsequently authorized by the individual.  Intralox will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is relevant to its intended use, accurate, complete, and current.

    vi. Access and Correction
    Upon request, Intralox will grant an individual reasonable access to personal information that it holds regarding that individual.  If an individual becomes aware that information we maintain about him or her is inaccurate, or if an individual would like to update or review his or her personal information, the individual may contact us using contact information listed in section vii below.

    You may also update your personal information as follows:

    •To update your resume, submit the updated the resume through the Careers Center on our Web Site.
    •You can unsubscribe from promotional e-mails the following ways: 1) you can follow the instructions at the bottom of the e-mail; 2) click here unsubscribe@intralox.com; or 3) contact your customer service representative.
    vii. Enforcement
    Intralox will engage in periodic self-assessments to verify that it continues to be in compliance with this Privacy Policy.  Any employee that Intralox determines is in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

    Intralox has appointed a Privacy Officer.  If you believe your personal information has been used in a way that is not consistent with this policy or if you have further questions related to this policy, please contact the Privacy Officer by email at privacy.officer@intralox.com.

    Written inquiries may be addressed to:

    Privacy Officer
    Intralox, L.L.C.
    200 Laitram Lane
    Harahan, Louisiana 70123

    viii. Dispute Resolution
    If an employee living in an E.U. member country has a complaint regarding the transfer of Human Resources data to the U.S., Intralox agrees to cooperate with the appropriate European country’s protection authority for handling such complaints.  Intralox agrees to handle all other disputes involving the transfer of personal data from the EU and Switzerland to the U.S. in accordance with the dispute resolution procedures through the American Arbitration Association.

    4. Links to Non-Intralox Websites

    The Intralox web sites may provide links to non-Intralox sites we believe may be of interest to you.  If you access those links, you will leave the Intralox web site.  Intralox does not endorse or make any representations about third party web sites.  The personal information you choose to give to third parties is not covered by the Intralox Privacy Policy.  We encourage you to review the privacy policy of any company before submitting your personal information.  Some third parties may choose to share their personal data with Intralox; the sharing of that information is governed by the third party’s privacy policy.

    5. Changes to this policy
    Intralox may amend this policy if necessary due to business necessity and/or to remain compliant with the requirements of the Safe Harbor Principles.  Intralox will provide notice of the amendment in this section of the policy.

    This Privacy Policy is effective January 1, 2009

    © Copyright 2007  Intralox, L.L.C. All rights reserved.

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