• The Eels Regulations requires companies in the UK who utilize water extraction to meet a threshold of 40% eel “escapement” by 2015. Achieving this will require these companies to implement a variety of measures, most notably a decrease in the harm from impingement and entrainment to eels encountering intake and outfall screens.

    Hydrolox™ traveling water screens offer the ideal solution for Eels Regulations compliance. Independent testing with a well-known research organization in the UK has identified Hydrolox as the best technology for fish protection available on the market. The Environment Agency has identified Hydrolox traveling water screens as a solution for those facilities managing glass eel, elver, and adult yellow/silver eel populations. In many cases, retrofitting to Hydrolox is an option.

    In addition, Hydrolox traveling water screens can also help your facilities fulfill regulations issued by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) and ensure DWI compliance.

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